Calls for Service Nominations

Calls for service nominations include service-related research opportunities in the field of music education or music therapy. These may include editorial nominations, editorial board nominations, SRIG leadership positions, conference steering committee nominations, or other similar research-based leadership positions.

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Posting DatePositionLink to Description
02/06/24Editor, Journal of Historical Research in Music Education (JHRME)More Details
01/24/24Editor, Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education (BCRME)More Details
11/03/23Editorial Board Nominations for Contributions to Music Education (2024-2028)More Details
01/20/22Editorial Committee Member: Journal of Music Teacher EducationMore Details
08/12/20NAfME Assessment SRIG Chair-ElectMore Details
01/16/20Journal of Music Teacher Education Editorial CommitteeMore Details
10/29/19Editorial Board Nominations for Contributions to Music Education (2020-2024)More Details
10/01/18Participants in the 2019 Music Technology Leadership AcademyMore Details
2/28/18NAfME Instructional Strategies SRIG Chair-ElectMore Details
2/9/18NAfME Affective Response Special Research Interest Group Chair-electMore Details
2/3/18Editorial Board Members, The Orff EchoMore Details
1/31/18NAfME Assessment SRIG Chair-ElectMore Details
11/30/17Editorial Review Committee, Journal Of Music Teacher EducationMore Details
9/3/17Editorial Board Members, International Journal of Community MusicMore Details
4/11/16SRME Popular Music Education SRIG: Chair (2016-2018) and Chair-elect (2018-2020) More Details
3/1/16NAfME Learning and Development SRIG Chair-ElectMore Details