Call for Papers

Calls for papers include calls for research papers for publication in peer-reviewed research journals or closely related practitioner journals. These may include a broad call for submissions or a call for special issues on particular topics. Note that we only send out calls for papers for the field of music education/music therapy and closely related fields where music education/music therapy researchers may have an obvious interest.  

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Posting DateSourceLink to Description
09/28/23The Oxford Handbook of Music and AgingMore Details
08/10/23Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Arts and Arts-Integrated Learning for Middle Level EducationMore Details
11/15/22Journal of the Association for Technology in Music Instruction (JATMI)More Details
07/12/22Florida Music DirectorMore Details
07/15/21Florida Music DirectorMore Details
06/21/21Points of Disruption in the Music Education CurriculumMore Details
02/12/21Music Educators JournalMore Details
08/04/20Journal of Historical Research in Music EducationMore Details
06/12/20Florida Music DirectorMore Details
03/30/19Jazz Education In Research and PracticeMore Details
01/02/19Qualitative Research in Music EducationMore Details
5/2/18Missouri Journal of Research in Music EducationMore Details
2/20/18The Orff EchoMore Details
1/24/18Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music EducationMore Details
4/17/17International Journal of Research in Choral SingingMore Details
4/6/17Media Journal in Music EducationMore Details
2/28/17Philosophy of Music Education ReviewMore Details
1/20/17The Orff EchoMore Details